Kulturkanal Ingolstadt: Pianist Masha Dimitrieva – Piano works by Gordon Sherwood

Gordon Sherwood:

A free-spirited wanderer between worlds who, after a profound education, many scholarships and prizes, early on turned his back on the constraints of the classical music business and opted for an ascetic life of travel and no fixed abode. Among contemporary composers he occupies an absolutely special position. His restless, inquisitive path as a cosmopolitan led him across the most diverse continents before he finally found a permanent home for the last years of his life in the diaconal institution Herzogsägmühle in Bavaria, where he died in 2013 at the age of 83. The German-Russian pianist Masha Dimitrieva has already dedicated two recordings of his piano works to him. The second CD was released in autumn 2020 – a presentation in front of an audience was already impossible at that time due to the lockdown. Now she was finally able to present this first recording live at the beginning of December – as part of the MittwochKlassik, a series of events organized by the Ingolstadt Cultural Office, which now takes place in the Harderbastei. We met with the internationally successful artist after the concert – and found out in an interview what makes the music of this survivor artist, which spans epochs and styles, so extraordinary – and why the two editions of Gordon Sherwood’s “Piano Works” are ideal as a Christmas present right now. A culture channel between Bach and Boogie, Bartok and Blues.

Gordon Sherwood: Piano Works Volume I & Volume II