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Classic-in-the-Air 2019

“Live connection!” is the motto of Munich Airport. The “Classic-in-the-Air” festival therefore focuses on the airport’s connections to its partner airports with their typical national musical culture.

The first Munich Airport Festival on 6/7 July 2017 – idea and organisation by Sonus Eterna – was an outstanding success, with the connection ‘Munich Airport – Domodedovo Airport Moscow/ Russia’ as its theme. In 2019, Munich Airport will once again be the concert stage for a top-class classical music festival, this time for the connection ‘Munich Airport – Denver Airport/USA’:

While in 2017 it was still a waiting hall on the tarmac, this year the “Classic-in-the-Air” festival will take place as an open-air concert on the terrace of the second terminal on 25 July 2019.

Masha Dimitrieva, the idea behind the “United Airport Concerts” and artistic director of the festival – herself a welcome pianist on the international stage – will once again take over the moderation. “Munich Airport’s motto ‘Living Connection’ speaks from my heart, as music and destinations connect people for cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.”

Denver Airport is Munich Airport’s first and thus “oldest” sister airport and has been a firm partner of Munich Airport for 27 years. The traditional German-American connection is based on trust, friendship, mutual appreciation and lively cooperation in many areas. The “Classic-in-the-Air” festival is intended to honour and further strengthen this connection.

German and American artists, international stars of the classical music world, will perform the works of composers from their country of origin. But also the new generation of artists and the works of contemporary composers of the respective country are programmatically important concerns of the festival, making the programme interesting in many ways.

“Living Connection” was experienced by the passengers of the airport, the audience from outside with the invited German and American guests of the festival from business, culture and politics in common connection.