BR Klassik: Gordon Sherwood – globetrotter, beggar, enigma

Composer Gordon Sherwood is elusive. This is as true of his style as it is of his restless life. He was born in the USA, where his career got off to a promising start with the premiere of his symphony by the New York Philharmonic. But Sherwood can’t do anything with a conventional career – he goes his own way, which leads him across the continents. Driven by an ascetic philosophy, in search of meaning and inspiration, he spends most of his life as a beggar. And writes over 100 works on the side – across all genres. The pianist Masha Dimitrieva knew Sherwood personally and has been campaigning for his rediscovery for twenty years. Together with her and other companions, Johann Jahn goes in search of clues for the programme “Horizonte”.