“… one can admire Masha Dimitrieva’s effortlessly sparkling, soberly clear playing in various facets. A beautifully conceived, wonderfully executed album, an enchanting tribute to the more intimate aspects of the artist’s Russian homeland (Christoph Schlüren).”

  1. Nikolai Medtner - Märchen op.20 Nr.1 b-Moll Masha Dimitrieva 3:14
  2. Nikolai Medtner - Märchen op.26 Nr.3 f-Moll Masha Dimitrieva 2:22
  3. Nikolai Medtner - Vogelmärchen op.54 Nr.2 c-Moll Masha Dimitrieva 2:20
  4. Nikolai Medtner - Märchen op.42 Nr.2 "phrygisch" Masha Dimitrieva 2:05
  5. Nikolai Medtner - Märchen op.51 Nr.3 A-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 3:14
  6. Sergei Rachmaninow - Prélude op.32 Nr.5 G-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 3:15
  7. Sergei Rachmaninow - Prélude op.23 Nr.6 Es-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 3:34
  8. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Etude Masha Dimitrieva 2:42
  9. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Idylle Masha Dimitrieva 4:59
  10. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Rêverie Masha Dimitrieva 4:33
  11. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Intermezzo Grotesque Masha Dimitrieva 2:27
  12. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Valse lente Masha Dimitrieva 4:16
  13. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Elégie Masha Dimitrieva 2:16
  14. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Humoresque Masha Dimitrieva 1:46
  15. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Canzonetta Masha Dimitrieva 1:24
  16. Paul Juon - Satyre&Nymphen op.18 - Scherzo Masha Dimitrieva 1:26
  17. Anton Arenski - Six Caprices op.43 Nr.1 a-Moll Masha Dimitrieva 1:27
  18. Anton Arenski - Six Caprices op.43 Nr.2 A-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 1:34
  19. Anton Arenski - Six Caprices op.43 Nr.3 C-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 2:03
  20. Anton Arenski - Six Caprices op.43 Nr.4 G-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 1:35
  21. Anton Arenski - Six Caprices op.43 Nr.5 D-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 3:15
  22. Anton Arenski - Six Caprices op.43 Nr.6 H-Dur Masha Dimitrieva 2:56

The pianist Masha Dimitrieva has already appeared in public many times with exciting interpretations. Her excellent CD for the Sonus Eterna classical music label, founded in 2014, is no surprise. The rarely performed but extremely rewarding repertoire is particularly appealing. The 22 compositionally strong miniatures allow the listener to dive deep into the Russian worlds of fantasy and fairy tales.
“It was a great concern of mine to recover this very special, wonderful treasure. The intensity with which these great Russian composers remembered the fairy tale and emotional worlds of their childhood and translated them into sounds and musical structures inspires and touches me deeply” (Masha Dimitrieva).

Russian Fairy Tails

Genre : Piano
Format : CD
Format : CD

Works of Nikolai Medtner, Sergei Rachmaninow, Paul Juon and Anton Arenski
piano: Masha Dimitrieva
Important Russian composers from the Romantic period to the modern age and their musical interpretation of Russian fairy tales: Stimulating the imagination and touching the soul. The CD offers a unique compilation of rarely heard pieces of Russian music and, thanks to the successful interpretation of the Russian pianist Masha Dimitrieva, creates an extraordinary mixture of passion, memory and enchantment on the listening discovery journey.