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Gordon Sherwood is a unique figure in recent music history. This versatile and ingenious composer became known through the television film ‘The Beggar of Paris’.
After great success at a young age, including 1st prize at the George Gershwin Memorial Award / USA with a premiere in Carnegie Hall by the New York Philharmonic under Dimitri Mitropoulos, he turned his back on the music business.
He chose a wandering life. Always eager for new worlds of sound, he traveled the world throughout his life. He was driven by an insatiable curiosity: about other countries, people and the wealth of musical cultures. He spent his last years in Bavaria.

Gordon Sherwood’s oeuvre comprises 143 works in all genres,
from the large symphonic and concert formats to chamber music works
to miniatures for solo instruments

His song creation includes twenty cycles and some individual works,
almost all of which he wrote on his own.

The songs on this CD allow a glimpse of the personality of Gordon Sherwood when he talks about childhood, adolescence and the first in his lyrics to the cycles “Songs of My Childhood, op. 43” and “Four Romantic Songs, op. 32” Love speaks and in “Songs of Mother Nature, op. 46” translates his commitment to his admiration for nature into music.
The extensive 64-page, rich booklet for the sound carrier deserves special mention. It contains both the English text poem by Gordon Sherwood, as well as a high-quality, close to the Urtext-oriented translation into German. The informative text accompanying the composer and the works was written by Florian Schuck.

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Gordon Sherwood – The Complete Songs, Vol. II

Release Date : 28. May 2021
Artists : Felicitas Breest, Gordon Sherwood, Masha Dimitrieva
Genre : Songs
Format : CD
Catalog ref. : #8
Format : CD