“And so, with this second album of Gordon Sherwood’s piano music, Masha Dimitrieva has succeeded in creating a truly magnificent albm … so I can only recommend this album quite emphatically as one of the finest to have appeared this year … definitely listen to it!”
(Christoph Schlüren)

The second CD of the premiere recording of the complete piano works of contemporary American composer Gordon Sherwood;
Piano: Masha Dimitrieva

In the compositions for piano, Gordon Sherwood’s broad compositional oeuvre becomes clear:
The musical influences of his extensive travels throughout his life combine with compositional styles from the centuries to American jazz rhythms. And despite all the reminiscence, the special nature of the composer Gordon Sherwood, who surprises with something new, becomes clear again and again.
Characteristic of his early works for piano are atonal melodies with rapid rhythmic changes. Later, he complements these with jazz elements, creating extremely interesting links between different musical styles and epochs. Overall, polyphony occupies a special place in his piano works, which is due not least to his appreciation of Bach.

  1. Air from Seven Descriptive Piano Pieces, op. 6 Gordon Sherwood 3:18
  2. Viennese Rondo in Classical Style C-Dur, op. 4 Gordon Sherwood 6:08
  3. Viennese Rondo in Classical Style D-Dur, op. 4 Gordon Sherwood 3:51
  4. Molto Allegro - Three Pieces, op. 22 Gordon Sherwood 2:49
  5. Al Notturno - Three Pieces, op. 22 Gordon Sherwood 2:50
  6. Alla Toccata - Three Pieces, op. 22 Gordon Sherwood 2:53
  7. I Sotapanna - Sonata, op. 122 Gordon Sherwood 11:11
  8. Il Arahat - Sonata, op. 122 Gordon Sherwood 18:45
  9. Twelve Variations on a Blues Theme, op. 23 Gordon Sherwood 12:01

Gordon Sherwood Piano Works, Vol. II

Artists : Gordon Sherwood, Masha Dimitrieva
Genre : Piano
Format : CD
Format : CD

Sonus Eterna realises the complete edition of the piano works of the American composer Gordon Sherwood (1929-2013), a representative of classical modernism.